Paige Beller with Chase Duncan and Zack Frost

June 5, 2019

Paige Beller on stage is more like some sort of event than it is just a set.  It's an incident.  The old word "happening" seems to apply.  You don't want to sit back and let the sound wash over you when Paige is playing, you want to lean forward and pay close attention.  Is she really on the floor playing a toy piano?  Is she really playing a drum with her knee?  That lyric, she said WHAT?"  Her attention is everywhere and it requires that yours should be too.  Here she's playing a guitar, playing separate drums with each foot while standing, singing, looping vocals...there is something jarring about the way she plays with time, the tone on her Strat is damned near industrial but then she makes chord and note choices that astonish.  Watching musicians watch Paige is a show in itself, they do doubletakes.  She opens this set with a drums and voice figuration through a looper.  We'll tell you the opening piece is called "Drag Me, Kicking Screaming" so that you can prepare yourself to hear it.

It goes without saying that you do not want to follow Paige Beller, so when we staged Live at Yellow Cab with Paige and friends, she went last.  For podcast purposes, we put her up front.  You might even want to hit pause when she's done, but you really should hear Chase Duncan and Zack Frost because they are fine performers and songwriters and again they have some surprises for you.  Here's a clue.  Zack has a business card.  Not many musicians do.  His card lists his job title as Existential Office Punk.



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