Kyleen Downes, Eric Barnett, Matt Bauman: Songs in the Round

May 5, 2019

Whenever Kyleen's name comes up in the cast and crew shared thread for Roadside Attraction, someone always says "I just love her".  And why not?  Her smile is 1000 watts, she's awash in life force, and she's got musical chops.  She'll fingerpick something quiet in a listening room or front a barhouse rock band, she'll play her Casino through loopers and become her own orchestra.  And yes! she sings.  Believe it.

So we created an environment where Kyleen and a pair of good buddies -  Matt Bauman and Eric Barnett -  who are also singer/songwriters could play together in the round.  This group gives us truly amazing work, real great songcraft.  This is insider stuff, not something that civilians get to hear very often.  They could be sitting around in a studio, playing around a campfire, enjoying themselves before or after hours in a music venue.  They inspire one another.  You can hear it.  This is fine stuff for a long drive when you want to feel good about life.

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